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Welcome to My Bamboo Luxury

What is Soft as Silk, Great for Your Health and Good for the Ecosystem?

Luxurious resort quality bedding, towels and pillows made from bamboo fibers! My Bamboo Luxury offers consumers the best of both worlds with our superior selection of fabulous sheets, pillows, towels and bedding. Because bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable plant, producing  fabrics made from bamboo fibers  creates a much smaller impact on the environment than expensive synthetics made textiles using fossil fuels.

Our Mission

At My Bamboo Luxury our mission is sharing the many benefits bamboo and natural fiber products offer coupled with giving every customer the satisfaction of knowing they will get only the best towels, linens and bedding. Our luxurious bamboo fabric products feel better and promote good health for your family in ways synthetic fabrics can't match.

Bamboo fabrics are:

  • Light and Breathe Well
  • Antibacterial
  • UV Protect-ant
  • Silky Soft and Long Wearing

With My Bamboo Luxury sheets, pillows and bedding you are sure to have sweet dreams because bamboo fabric contains natural antibiotic properties that neutralize odor and disease causing bacteria. Germs can live happily in cotton and synthetic blends but your soft as silk bamboo bedding keeps on killing them even after numerous washings. Discover for yourself the real benefits our resort spa quality products offer.

Silky Soft & Long Wearing