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My Bamboo Luxury Eucalyptus and Lavender Pillows

Your clients can experience the best with our super comfortable Eucalyptus and Lavender pillows!

The only thing standing between your clients relaxing at your salon or spa is one choice-getting the perfect pillow to relax with. Made with 100% natural bamboo fibers, our luxury pillow adjusts to your clients body temperature to keep them comfortable and is naturally hypoallergenic to help allergy sufferers relax. Organic bamboo fibers naturally repel the dust mites, fungi and other allergens that can make their lives a misery. Our top quality pillows are also shown to repel bed bugs so your clients can relax in comfort and safety.

We Provide Eucalyptus and Lavender scented pillows for use in your salon or spa!

Bamboo pillow facts:

  • 100% bamboo cover
  • 100% bamboo filling
  • Thermal regulating
  • Totally hypoallergenic
  • Naturally resists odors, mildew and allergens
  • Eucalyptus and Lavender Scented

Try a luxury bamboo pillow today at your salon or spa and provide the relaxing experience your clients deserve. Available in different sizes, inside our pillows is an extremely breathable bamboo fiber that lets air flow freely through the pillow and on the outside your clients will love the silky soft feeling of 200 count bamboo rayon against their skin.


Order now and discover the only pillow you'll ever want to us in your Salon or Spa!