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My Bamboo Luxury Massage Table Sheets

massage table sheets

Enhance your customers experience with bamboo sheets for your massage table. These sheets are made from bamboo fiber, which provide one of the greenest, renewable materials available. Bamboo fiber, massage table sheets are a great alternative to cotton, flannel, sateen or polyester sheet fabrics. Bamboo fiber has a natural moisture wicking quality, and is warm and soft, with a feel and texture that is comparable to high quality cotton sheets.

Bamboo fiber is breathable, Eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial, and anti-odor. These sheets will provide comfort for your clients, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part for the environment. Pricing for bamboo sheets is comparable to cotton and are machine washable, and dry-able, therefore, they do not require any special care. They are suitable for any climate, and their wicking quality is ideal for your massage table dressing. Face rest covers are also available from the same high quality bamboo material and provide the same level of comfort as the massage table sheets.

Bamboo is a readily available plant source that is easily grown and easily replaced. Unlike cotton and it is fast growing and easily harvested. It does not require replanting, as it grows from shoots, and after cutting the growing cycle begins again, awaiting the next harvest. Bamboo is also a greater source of oxygen for the atmosphere than an equal size stand of trees and readily absorbs large quantities of greenhouse gases. So not only are you getting wonderful sheets made from the fiber of this magnificent plant, you are contributing to the renewal of the Earth’s atmosphere.

When considering new sheets for your spa, you will find that bamboo, massage table sheets are as durable, as any product that you have used previously. They launder well, do not need special care and hold their quality wash after wash. You can also advertise that you are using one of the greenest and most ecologically friendly products available on today’s market. You will find that these products are superior to many other materials due to their natural properties.